Die Another Day, Vol. I & II

by Dead in 5

Released 2016
Aural Pleasure Music
Released 2016
Aural Pleasure Music
Outlaw rockers Dead in 5 evoke a sonic mash up of Soundgarden, White Zombie, Led Zeppelin and Motorhead, hard as Detroit asphalt!
Die Another Day Volumes I and II is the remastered version of Dead in 5's self titled debut CD, and the band's second disc - Wreck Your World. Many of these tracks are featured in "Pro-Wrestlers Vs. Zombies" - the cult wrestling movie featuring WWE legends Rowdy Roddy Piper (RIP), Jim Hacksaw Duggan and more!

Dead in 5:
This fierce five-piece performs with a raw energy and hunger that can neither be bought nor faked. You either have “It” or you don’t. And Dead in 5 has “It” in spades.

There’s no corporate sheen marring the honest, and downright dirty rock n’ roll played by Dead in 5. The band grinds out intense musical gems with as much super-charged muscle as a new Mustang rolling off the assembly line. Turn the key, and FLOOR IT! Dead in 5’s music is not just an assertion – it’s an absolute DECLARATION of the POWER of Rock and Roll!

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