Devil White Devil

Dead in 5

Devil White Devil is the new single by outlaw rockers Dead in 5

There’s no corporate sheen marring Dead in 5’s honest, and downright dirty rock n’ roll. The band grinds out intense musical gems with as much super-charged muscle as a new Mustang rolling off the assembly line. Turn the key, and FLOOR IT! Dead in 5’s music is not just an assertion – it’s an absolute DECLARATION of the POWER of Rock and Roll!

Evoking a sonic mash up of Soundgarden, Motorhead, White Zombie and Led Zeppelin, the band’s dirty outlaw rock will make you raise your fists in salute to their musical juggernaut. It’s “Sons of Anarchy” meets “Fight Club” set in the post apocalyptic “Mad Max” environment of Detroit Rock City.

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