Running a website like this one, to be honest, is for a music fan, pretty damn awesome. Every day we get emails from all over the world with bands telling us how “stoked” they’d be if we’d check out their latest offering. Last week, we got one from Detroit. We are pre-disposed to like Detroit. Ye gods not only did they give us Alice Copper and Ted Nugent, the city also gave us the only decent soul music there is and it’s name to one of the finest songs Kiss ever wrote. On this particular email from that part of the world was a link to self styled “outlaw rockers” Dead In 5’s new EP. The accompanying words said: “Evoking a sonic mash up of Clutch, Soundgarden, White Zombie and Led Zeppelin, the band’s dirty outlaw rock will make you raise your fists in salute to their musical juggernaut.  It’s “Sons of Anarchy” meets “Fight Club” set in the post apocalyptic “Mad Max” environment of Detroit Rock City.” Fair enough, that’s hooked us. These guys are good. Ok, let’s put this on…..And, let MVM be your guide here, Dead In 5 are proof positive that rock n roll in rock city is very much alive and well. Appropriately for a razorblade, let’s  cut to the chase: this six tracker begins with a song that is going to be one of the best of the year. “Black Friday Holiday” is a boot to the face of intent, and we’ll see their stated influences and raise them Stone Temple Pilots circa “Crackerman.” A quite incredible – and enormous – opening which sees singer Robert Libres showcase an incredible range. The question of whether that might just be a one off piece of brilliance is rendered superfluous by “Tripping On The Inside” which is rather like a turbo charged AIC around the “Facelift” era, and by “Silver” you are rather swept up in all this. That “….Project” sounds so big is explained by the presence of Chuck Alkazian (Soundgarden, Alter Bridge) and the songs on here would, even if they weren’t so good,  still sound like a million dollars. “Still Remains” is all machine gun drumming built around a huge bridge, and the short sharp shock of “Maggots And Flies” is a trip into a dark world where we “snort whiskey” and “drink cocaine” and the mighty riff which ushers “Killing What’s Left Of Me’ displays a more groove based side. You might know Dead In 5 yet. You should make it your business too get on board before everyone else does. Just tell em we sent you. Because, sooner or later, everybody is going to move their feet, leave their seat, and probably lose their minds over this bunch of outlaws from Detroit Rock City.Rating 9.5/10” - MVM

Maximum Volume Music

Hearing a band such as Detroit’s Dead In 5 is always refreshing, and restores some hope for the state of hard rock and heavy metal. Gene Simmons has been quoted declaring rock music as a genre is dead, but hearing bands like this one proves him wrong. Records may not ship platinum, as some KISS records released in their prime were, in fact there was not a single album that was released, then met platinum sales in 2014. But our genre is far from dead. There are many promising bands who continue to release music, and Dead In 5 is definitely one of these bands.Formed in 2013, and having a self-titled EP, as well as a full-length debut album under their belt, Dead In 5 have most recently released this EP, The Schizophrenic Razor Project. When I found this album in my inbox last week, I wasn’t sure what to expect from and album of this title, from a band called Dead in 5, but I suspected it would be a heavy, sinister death metal record, something I would have no problems with, but since extreme metals are a rare commodity on My Global Mind, I found it surprising that we had one slated for review.As I gave the Schizophrenic Razor Project my first listen, I was quickly surprised that Dead In 5 is in fact more of an alternative metal band, and a good one at that. Filled with hooky melodies, shredding solos and heavy grooves and the odd blast of clean vocals, Dead In 5 list Mötorhead, Soundgarden and Led Zeppelin as their main influences, however I hear a bit of Pantera’s influence as well, particularly in some of the songs with heavier grooves, as well as in some of vocalist Robert Libres’ screams. These diverse influences are well-mixed together, as I quickly noticed on the opener, Black Friday Holiday kick starts the EP off with a Motorhead-esque rocker. But what shines most is the range in Robert Libres’ voice, he can go from a David Draiman-like clean vocal to an early Pantera sounding Phil Alsomo scream, to Cornel-influenced croons, as well as many different places in between.This of course is not all that shines here, the songs and the music Libres sings to is also high-calibre as well. The heavy guitar tones from Brent Hill drive many of the grooves, and the pounding rhythm section, Dana Forrester and James Trunko hold it all together. Many of the songs are short and digestible, as the longest is the closer, Killing What’s Left of Me, but the songs are also quite diverse.From fast rockers, to meaty groovers, songs about sour relationships to the pitfalls of pursuit of fame and fortune over one’s passions, these six songs cover a lot of ground between its kick start to the final croons that slowly bring the EP into its dying seconds.Written by: Connor Rae  ” - Connor Rae

My Global Mind

Dead in 5 Go For The Jugular On Schizophrenic Razor ProjectWith a front man that sounds like Joey Belladonna mixed with Henry Font from NYC’s Pist.On and a sound reminiscent of the more brutal side of Southern heavies Texas Hippie Coalition and Rob Zombie, Dead in 5 create a sound (and an album) that’s wholly original, regardless of the comparisons. On their latest release, Schizophrenic Razor Project, this Detroit 5-piece go for the jugular with an album that undeniably proves “Rock ain’t dead!”If the guitar onslaught that greets you once “Black Friday Holiday” begins doesn’t instantly hook you then you probably don’t like music. Or fun. For the rest of us inhabitants of Planet Earth, take “Black Friday Holiday” as a gateway drug if you’ve never heard the smooth sounds of Dead in 5 before and from there it just gets more real.“Trippin On The Inside” is like something off of Coal Chamber’s debut until vocalist Robert Libre gets all creepy, channeling Tom Araya on “Dead Skin Mask” with his spoken word delivery. “Sliver” visits the industrial side a little bit driven by the enmeshing of Dana Forrester’s bass and James Trunko’s drums while “Still Remains” is a veritable riff factory fueled by Brent Hall and Peder Seglund’s dual guitar attack.The remainder of Schizophrenic… offers “Maggots and Flies” which is a swirling cacophony of percussive beats, squealing guitars, and Libre’s impassioned screams and “Killing What’s Left of Me” recalling the sleazy vibe of ’80’s Motley Crue (Think “Looks That Kill” for this one). If Dead in 5 isn’t on your rawk radar yet then Schizophrenic Razor Project is the album that’ll put them there. ” - Jesse

Rock and Roll Fables

Dead in 5 are one of the finest modern hard rock acts on the scene today. They've got all the classic touchstones one would seek in a band; at tangible "street cred" image, stellar musicianship and a visually strong fan base. Highly entertaining, their songs contain memorable hooks and are vividly engaging. One to watch!” - Eric Harabadian

Music Connection

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, I present to you the hottest thing to come out of Detroit since a 1968 Camaro Z28: Dead In 5. Dead In 5 takes the best of what 70's, 80's, and 90's rock had to offer and hands it over to the listener to rock out to in a package that is uniquely a 21st century sound. To make another car analogy, imagine taking an old Vega and stuffing a Big Block engine into it. Fast, hard, loud, and dirty. Just like the music of Dead In 5” - Martina Fasano

— Playing with Chaos

I got a chance to give this CD a listen and I am in love with it. If you love pure rock, you will love this bad ass music. It’s tight, angry, and full of power. ‘Burn My Eyes’ kind of made me think of Rob Zombie, in some ways. The band, however, doesn’t sound “just” like any other band. They have a unique sound that is all their own. The guitar work will have you drooling. My favorite song was…. all of them. This band is seriously just a rock-fest of talent. Here is the apt description from their bio, CD Cover “Evoking a sonic mash up of Clutch, Soundgarden, White Zombie and Led Zeppelin, the band’s dirty outlaw rock will make you raise your fists in salute to their musical juggernaut. It’s “Sons of Anarchy” meets “Fight Club” set in the post apocalyptic “Mad Max” environment of Detroit Rock City.” Nope, there are no lies here. If you forgot what REAL rock is…. you need to listen, now!” - Yvonne

Flocked Media

This Motor City five-piece is an all out rock n' roll assault team! ...A well-oiled machine that is starting to create a real buzz on the regional and national circuit. This 7 song disc is filled with tunes that are cleverly conceived and engineered to perfection. Highlights such as "Pressure Head" leap out of the speakers with razor sharp production and soulful vocalizing from front man Robert Libres. "Burn My Eyes" is raw and out of control; churning up a cauldron of Ministry/Rob Zombie/Johnny Cash references. "Shadow of a Thin Man"is aggressive and over the top, while the closer "Outlaw Hellride #9" will resonate with you long after your mobile player of choice cools down!” - Eric Harabadian

— Detroit Live Magazine

How did I love DI5? Let me count the ways: The band members are each strongly charismatic and compelling on stage, from the bald guitar-technician who settled in and wailed on his Gibson, to the towering mountain of a lead singer with the commanding voice, the corseted bass player with a sweet smile and a caustic sneer, the kilted drummer and the rhythm guitarist who I believe used a beer bottle as a slide at one point. They are a powerful group clearly having a blast on stage and not afraid to give a great show. Damn, the smoke machine made me a nostalgia-monkey for the days when a night at the Blind Pig meant my clothes would smell like an ashtray for a month. It’s quite a compliment that Dead in 5 could make a man as old as dirt feel like a kid again” - James Frederick Leach

— James Frederick Leach Blog

Throw some top shelf tequila on a hot patch of desert highway, and the flash fire that results is the new Dead in 5 album.Dead in 5 is Robert Libres (Vocals), Brent “X19″ Hall (Guitar), Dana “Deadly” Forrester (Bass), Peder “The Terminator” Seglund (Guitar), and James Trunko (Drums). This five piece from Detroit first formed in 2013 and has been quite active ever since. The band has a new EP, Schizophrenic Razor Project, that is six tracks of “‘Sons of Anarchy’ meets ‘Fight Club’ set in the post apocalyptic ‘Mad Max’ environment of Detroit Rock City.” The album was produced, mixed, and engineered by Chuck Alkazian, of Soundgarden and Alter Bridge experience, at Pearl Sound Studios in Canton, MI.“Sliver” is a good example of the ease in which Brent and Peder can seamlessly blend their guitar playing into one focused attempt to make your ears bleed with the sheer tempo of play. The drum intro on “Still Remains” is James at the peak of his ability and doesn’t let down from there. Robert, on his vocals through out the offering, gives you a few different styles but it all equals a monster effort of one minute hypnotizing you and the next kicking you in the face. Dana’s bass tracks add that last bit of needed groove to all six of the songs on the EP. For a pure, hard rocking release it doesn’t disappoint and shows that Aural Pleasure Music made a good choice to be the label to put this record out.The only down side is that even at 21 minutes and the six mentioned tracks, it doesn’t quite satisfy the need to hear more new music from the band. We can only hope another full length offering is in the works. ” - Erich Morse

National Rock Review